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[S1E4] Armour !FREE!

The first scene this week introduces us to a new character, Lee Scoresby (Lin-Manuel Miranda). In true Lin-Manuel style, his introduction is him crooning out a country-style song on board a balloon in a duet with his hare daemon, Hester. From this moment alone, Hester is already my favorite daemon. Lee is excited about heading North and discusses with Hester how he is searching for an armoured bear called Iorek. Rumors are that Iorek has been tricked out of his armor but Lee wants to help as Iorek once saved his life. He looks below and sees a ship also heading to Trollesund (the gateway port to the North), which we know to be Lyra and the Gyptians.

[S1E4] Armour

With Lyra now aware of the truth surrounding Mrs Coulter, and everyone heading North, we return to His Dark Materials this week with an introduction to new characters and a more driven slice of fantasy action. The episode itself opens with a large hot-air balloon, flown by Lee Scorseby, following Lyra and the Gyptians high above. As the ship docks, so too does the hot air balloon as rumours of armoured bears run amok. The ever-charismatic Lee pickpockets a man before commenting on the unusual presence of Gyptians arriving up North. 041b061a72


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