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Gladiator Full Movie Download Dual Audio

Gladiator Full Movie Download Dual Audio

Gladiator Full Movie Download Dual Audio

Gladiator is a 2000 epic historical drama film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, and others. It tells the story of Maximus, a Roman general who is betrayed by the emperor's son Commodus and becomes a gladiator to seek revenge. The film won five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Crowe.

If you are looking for a way to download Gladiator full movie in dual audio (English and Hindi), you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to download Gladiator full movie in dual audio from a reliable and legal source. We will also provide you with some information about the movie, such as its plot, cast, awards, and trivia.

Gladiator Full Movie Download Dual Audio

How to Download Gladiator Full Movie in Dual Audio

There are many websites that claim to offer Gladiator full movie download in dual audio, but most of them are either illegal, unsafe, or low-quality. Downloading movies from such websites can expose you to malware, viruses, legal troubles, and poor viewing experience. Therefore, we recommend that you download Gladiator full movie in dual audio from [Bing Movies], a trusted and authorized platform that provides high-quality movies in various languages and formats.

To download Gladiator full movie in dual audio from Bing Movies, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to [Bing Movies] and search for "Gladiator".

  • Select the movie from the search results and click on "Download".

  • Choose the dual audio option (English and Hindi) and the preferred resolution (720p or 1080p).

  • Click on "Confirm" and wait for the download to complete.

  • Enjoy watching Gladiator full movie in dual audio on your device.

Bing Movies is a safe and legal way to download Gladiator full movie in dual audio. It also offers other features, such as subtitles, trailers, reviews, ratings, and more. You can also stream Gladiator full movie in dual audio online on Bing Movies if you prefer.

About Gladiator Movie

Gladiator is one of the most acclaimed and successful movies of all time. It has a rating of 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb and 77% on Rotten Tomatoes. It also grossed over $503 million worldwide, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2000 behind Mission: Impossible 2. Here are some more details about Gladiator movie:

GenreHistorical drama

DirectorRidley Scott

WritersDavid Franzoni, John Logan, William Nicholson

CastRussell Crowe as Maximus Decimus MeridiusJoaquin Phoenix as CommodusConnie Nielsen as LucillaOliver Reed as ProximoDerek Jacobi as Senator GracchusDjimon Hounsou as JubaRichard Harris as Marcus AureliusTomas Arana as QuintusRalf Möller as HagenTommy Flanagan as Ciceroand others

MusicHans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard

Release dateMay 5, 2000 (United States)May 12, 2000 (United Kingdom)

Running time155 minutes

Budget$103 million

AwardsAcademy Awards:- Best Picture- Best Actor (Russell Crowe)- Best Costume Design- Best Sound- Best Visual EffectsBritish Academy Film Awards:- Best Film- Best Cinematography- Best Editing- Best Production Design- Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music- Audience Award for Most Popular FilmGolden Globe Awards:- Best Motion Picture Drama- Best Original Scoreand others

Gladiator Movie Plot

The plot of Gladiator movie is as follows:

In the year 180 AD, Roman general Maximus leads his army to a decisive victory against the Germanic tribes, ending a long war. He is beloved by the people and the dying emperor Marcus Aurelius, who wants to restore the Roman Republic and appoints Maximus as his successor, bypassing his own son Commodus. However, Commodus, who is jealous and power-hungry, murders his father and declares himself emperor. He then orders the execution of Maximus and his family.

Maximus escapes, but arrives too late to save his wife and son, who are killed by Commodus' men. He is then captured by slave traders and sold to Proximo, a former gladiator who trains him to fight in the arena. Maximus adopts the name "Spaniard" and becomes a successful gladiator, gaining the admiration of the crowds and the attention of Commodus, who is unaware of his true identity.

Maximus also reunites with his former friend Lucilla, Commodus' sister and the widow of Lucius Verus, the co-emperor who died before Marcus Aurelius. Lucilla is unhappy with her brother's tyranny and fears for her son Lucius, who is next in line for the throne. She conspires with Senator Gracchus, a leader of the republican faction, to overthrow Commodus and restore democracy. They plan to use Maximus as their symbol of hope and resistance.

Maximus is transferred to Rome, where he competes in the Colosseum, a huge amphitheater where gladiators fight to the death for the entertainment of the masses. He impresses the spectators with his skills and courage, and reveals himself to Commodus as the man he tried to kill. Commodus is shocked and enraged, but cannot kill Maximus without losing the support of the people. He instead tries to humiliate and weaken him by staging unfair and brutal matches.

Meanwhile, Lucilla and Gracchus arrange for Maximus to escape from Rome with the help of Proximo and his fellow gladiators. They also plan to free Lucius from Commodus' influence and smuggle him out of the palace. However, their plot is discovered by Commodus' spies, who arrest Gracchus and Lucilla. Commodus then confronts Lucilla and threatens to kill her and her son unless she reveals Maximus' whereabouts. She reluctantly complies, hoping to save her son.

Commodus sends his soldiers to ambush Maximus and his allies at Proximo's camp. They kill Proximo and most of the gladiators, but Maximus manages to escape with a few survivors. He then returns to Rome, where he sneaks into the palace and attempts to assassinate Commodus. However, he is caught by Quintus, the praetorian prefect who betrayed him before. Quintus arrests Maximus and brings him to Commodus.

Commodus decides to face Maximus in a final duel in the Colosseum, hoping to prove himself as a warrior and a ruler. He stabs Maximus in the side before the fight, weakening him. The two men then enter the arena, where they clash in front of a huge crowd. Despite his injury, Maximus fights valiantly and disarms Commodus. Commodus then asks for a sword from Quintus, but Quintus refuses to obey him. Commodus then pulls out a hidden knife and tries to stab Maximus again, but Maximus blocks him and kills him with his own blade.

As Commodus falls dead, the crowd cheers for Maximus as their hero. Maximus then collapses from his wound and dies shortly after. Before he dies, he asks Quintus to free his fellow gladiators and restore the republic as Marcus Aurelius wished. He also sees a vision of his wife and son in the afterlife, waiting for him.

Quintus honors Maximus' request and orders his men to carry his body out of the arena. Lucilla also pays her respects to Maximus and says goodbye to him. She then addresses the crowd and announces that Maximus was a soldier of Rome who served under Marcus Aurelius. She asks them to honor him as a hero who gave them back their freedom.

Gladiator Movie Trivia

Gladiator Movie Trivia

  • The film was inspired by Daniel P. Mannix's 1958 book Those About to Die (formerly titled The Way of the Gladiator), which depicts the life and death of ancient gladiators.

  • The role of Maximus was originally offered to Mel Gibson, but he turned it down because he felt he was too old to play the character. Russell Crowe was then cast as the lead, and he won his first and only Oscar for Best Actor for his performance.

  • The film was shot in various locations, including Morocco, Malta, England, and Italy. The scenes in Rome were filmed at the Cinecittà Studios, where a replica of the Colosseum was built. The replica was only one-third of the original size, and the rest was created with CGI.

  • The film features many historical inaccuracies and anachronisms, such as the portrayal of Commodus as a villainous tyrant who killed his father and fought in the arena. In reality, Commodus ruled for 12 years, was not involved in his father's death, and only fought as a gladiator in private shows.

  • The film's soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard, is one of the best-selling movie soundtracks of all time. It features the famous song "Now We Are Free", which is sung in a fictional language that Gerrard invented.

  • The film's tagline, "What we do in life echoes in eternity", is a paraphrase of a quote attributed to Marcus Aurelius: "What we do now echoes in eternity".

Gladiator Movie Reviews

Gladiator movie received mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its epic scope, stunning visuals, thrilling action, powerful performances, and emotional impact. It was also criticized for its historical inaccuracies, clichéd plot, and excessive violence. Here are some excerpts from some of the most notable reviews of Gladiator movie:

"Gladiator is a triumph. On the surface


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