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How to Enjoy Vahshi, the Iranian Thriller, in Hindi Language

How to Download Movie Vahshi in Hindi

If you are a fan of action and thriller movies, you might have heard of Vahshi, a 2017 Iranian film directed by Mohsen Mohseni Nasab. The movie is about a group of criminals who kidnap a wealthy businessman's daughter and demand a ransom. However, things go wrong when they realize that they have abducted the wrong girl, and that she is not as innocent as she seems. The movie is full of twists and turns, suspense and violence, and has been praised by critics and audiences alike. But how can you watch this movie in Hindi, your native language? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Vahshi, why you should watch it in Hindi, and where you can download it legally and safely.

download movie Vahshi in hindi

What is Vahshi?

Vahshi is a Persian word that means "wild" or "savage". It is also the title of a movie that was released in Iran in 2017. The movie is a crime thriller that revolves around a kidnapping gone wrong. Here are some details about the movie:

Plot summary

The movie begins with a group of four masked men who break into a mansion and kidnap a young girl named Sara. They take her to an abandoned warehouse and contact her father, Mr. Nouri, who is a rich businessman. They demand a ransom of 10 million dollars for her release. However, they soon realize that they have made a mistake. Sara is not Mr. Nouri's daughter, but his mistress. She is actually the daughter of a notorious gangster named Amir, who is also Mr. Nouri's rival. Amir is furious when he finds out that his daughter has been kidnapped, and vows to find her and kill her captors. Meanwhile, Sara reveals her true colors to the kidnappers. She is not a helpless victim, but a cunning and ruthless woman who has her own agenda. She manipulates and seduces the kidnappers, and tries to escape from them. She also has a secret connection to one of them, which adds more complications to the situation. As the tension rises, the kidnappers start to turn on each other, and the police close in on them. The movie ends with a shocking twist that changes everything.

Cast and crew

The movie features some of the best actors and actresses from Iran. Here are some of them:



Jafar Dehghan


Hossein Pakdel

Mr. Nouri

Hamid Taleghani

Sara's boyfriend

Mohsen Mohseni Nasab

Director, writer, producer

Mohammad Reza Aligholi

Music composer

Reviews and ratings

The movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its gripping story, realistic characters, excellent performances, and stunning cinematography. It was also appreciated for its portrayal of the dark side of human nature, and the moral dilemmas faced by the characters. The movie has a rating of 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb, and 4 out of 5 stars on BookMyShow[^2^ b70169992d


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