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Kaptaan 1 Download 720p Moviegolkes

Kaptaan 1 Download 720p Moviegolkes

Kaptaan 1 is a Punjabi comedy-drama movie that was released on May 20, 2016. The movie is directed by Mandeep Kumar and produced by Tips Films. The movie features Gippy Grewal as Kaptaan Singh, a lawyer who is forced into the profession by his family lineage. He struggles to win cases and impress his father and uncle, who are both lawyers. He gets a chance to prove his worth when he takes up a case that changes his life and perspective. The movie also stars Monica Gill as Heroine, Karishma Kotak as Preeti, Pankaj Dheer as Judge Sahab, Kanwaljit Singh as Kaptaan's father and Rana Jung Bahadur as Chacha Ji.

The movie was well-received by the audience and critics alike. It was praised for its humor, story, direction and performances. The movie also had some catchy songs composed by DJ Flow, Jaidev Kumar and B Praak. The movie was a box office success and earned more than Rs. 30 crore worldwide.


How to Download Kaptaan 1 in 720p from Moviegolkes?

If you want to watch Kaptaan 1 in high quality, then you can download it in 720p from moviegolkes. Moviegolkes is a website that offers free downloads of movies and TV shows in various formats and resolutions. You can find movies from different genres, languages and countries on moviegolkes. You can also request for movies that are not available on the website.

To download Kaptaan 1 in 720p from moviegolkes, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of moviegolkes using any web browser.

  • Search for Kaptaan 1 in the search bar or browse through the categories.

  • Select the movie from the results and click on the download button.

  • Choose the format and resolution that you want to download. For 720p quality, select HD MP4.

  • Wait for the download link to be generated and click on it.

  • Save the file on your device and enjoy watching Kaptaan 1 in 720p.

Is it Safe and Legal to Download Kaptaan 1 from Moviegolkes?

Before you download Kaptaan 1 from moviegolkes, you should be aware of the risks involved. Downloading movies from unauthorized sources is illegal and can get you into trouble with the law. You may also face fines or legal actions for violating the copyright laws. Moreover, downloading movies from moviegolkes can expose your device to malware, viruses and other threats that can harm your data and privacy.

Therefore, we do not recommend downloading Kaptaan 1 from moviegolkes or any other similar websites. Instead, you should watch Kaptaan 1 legally and safely from official platforms that have the rights to stream or distribute the movie. Some of these platforms are:

  • [ZEE5]: ZEE5 is an online streaming service that offers a variety of content across languages and genres. You can watch Kaptaan 1 on ZEE5 with a subscription plan that starts from Rs. 99 per month.

  • [YouTube]: YouTube is a video-sharing platform that allows users to upload, watch and share videos. You can watch the trailer of Kaptaan 1 on YouTube for free. You can also rent or buy the movie on YouTube Movies for Rs. 75 or Rs. 150 respectively.

  • [JustWatch]: JustWatch is a website that helps you find where to watch movies and TV shows online. You can use JustWatch to search for Kaptaan 1 and see which platforms offer streaming or downloading options for the movie.


Kaptaan 1 is a fun and entertaining movie that you can enjoy with your family and friends. However, you should not download it from moviegolkes or any other illegal websites that can harm your device and get you into trouble. Instead, you should watch it legally and safely from official platforms that have the rights to stream or distribute the movie. We hope this article has helped you find the best way to watch Kaptaan 1 in 720p quality.


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