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[S6E6] The Crime Scene PATCHED

After reentering the crime scene, Jake and Rosa realize that there was one place which they hadn't checked: the vents. Sure enough, they find a lead, and through security footage, discover that the killer had been hiding in the vents for days before and after the murder, and had escaped using a forensic analyst disguise. With this evidence, they finally manage to catch the killer. At the end of the episode, Rosa reveals to Jake that the way he sympathized with the victim's mother had inspired her to reconcile with her own mother (Olga Merediz), who initially hadn't responded well when Rosa came out as bisexual.

[S6E6] The Crime Scene

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The cold open would feature Jake and a uniquely coiffed Rosa (thanks to her experimenting hairdresser girlfriend she would have different hairstyles in different scenes) investigating a murder that would become increasingly more dope according to Jake as the victim appeared to be killed by a ghost.

They would later find the delivery man who was the last person to see the victim alive but they would discover that the person the delivery driver saw was not the victim and was most likely the killer. His sketches would not be any help. Holt would check in on them, however, they had nothing. Days would pass and they would get no further. After 50 days, Jake would lose his mind and the case would be handed to major crimes. Though he claimed to be over it, he continued to investigate it while not sleeping.

I was just rewatching this episode the other day. I loved it the first time, as i love police procedurals. However this time, a few things caught my eye. The fact that the killer ordered food and risked showing his face to a random delivery guy in the crime scene after taking so much effort to mix up the crime scene by pouring down robbed blood doesn't make sense at all. And also he rips open his mask right in the middle of the street with a camera in front of him, was dumb. Could have written better. What do y'all think?

Voight asks Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) to speak with Devin, because perhaps the black cop can get through to the black suspect. Even when confronted with the positive ID, Devin maintains that he had nothing to do with the crime.

While I never believed that Sam was guilty of killing Leyla Walden, there was a rough spot in the investigation when even his partner had to consider it was a possibility. The DNA evidence could have been altered. Given all they have seen over the years, that could easily be explained, until they independently confirmed that Sam's DNA was at the crime scene.

No red pen is found inside the house, and Grissom wonders if the killer brought their own pen or took it as a souvenir. Warrick finds evidence that someone broke into the house through the back door, and it appears to have been done with a long, thin metal object. Grissom ignores two calls from Ecklie; this eventually leads to Sofia arriving on the scene and telling him that he's needed in the lab ASAP. Outside of the house, Sara and Brass speak to Lana. They learn that Christina used to be in a relationship with someone named Evan. Lana expresses that her sister was a prude and assumed she was a virgin until it was revealed that she was pregnant.

In the lab, Greg talks to Duane McWane, who is an attorney. He tells Greg that he got rid of his gun the day he got married and gave it to his paralegal, Rita Day, so she could protect herself. Duane insists that whatever crime they're looking into, Rita is innocent. Greg questions her later on and finds out that she lost the gun in a poker game years earlier to a man the others called "Cy" as in "cyclops", a reference to a large mole he had between his eyes.

One of the things this extended run of episodes has afforded is to allow extra time to really indulge the procedural element of police interrogations, and the Davidson interrogation shows how even a slow, static scene can make for compelling television.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel has arrived at the crime scene. A young black man's body sits on a sofa, dead from gunshot wounds. Amenadiel reports to Harris that he's compiled a list of possible witnesses. He points out that there is two toothbrushes in the bathroom, meaning someone else was living there; Harris tells him only the detective's call matters. To Amenadiel's seething, quiet, rage the racist cop who assaulted Caleb Mayfield, James Reiben, arrives at the scene as the lead detective. Reiben blames the victim, Kevin Cambell, of being the target of gang violence despite their being none evidence of such in the apartment; he keeps the perimeter to the living room, since there was only signs of the door being busted open. Amenadiel points out the toothbrushes and the fact the window in the bathroom was busted open. However, Harris pulls him away, scolding Amenadiel for questioning the CO. Amenadiel explains he had a racial profiling run-in with Reiben before. Harris explains she used to be like Amenadiel, but she learned to take the long run approach.

At Ella's lab, Amenadiel surprises her and shuts the blinds to the windows; he has to talk to Ella in confidence. Amenadiel explains the case; the second toothbrush and the open window got overlooked. He asks Ella to examine the crime scene bathroom to confirm his theory that there was a witness to the murder. She agrees, subtly telling Amenadiel to just come clean the entire conversation by inserting constant religious references.

Reiben calls Amenadiel to the conference room, revealing he knows about his investigation and is proud of Amenadiel for standing by his belief. To Amenadiel's surprise, he remembers their first meeting. Reiben admits his guilt for treating Caleb badly and that he is no longer who he was. However, he is now blaming Michaela as the killer for simply having had minor ties to a gang in high school. Amenadiel points out its been nearly ten years. Reiben even states the victim injured her with a shot before Michaela left; angering Amenadiel as there was NO gun at the crime scene. Apparently it's just a sick game to Reiben to just pin "culprit" on black people.

In their squad car, Amenadiel talks to Harris about blaming himself for getting that jerk Reiben to pin the murder in Miakela; she tells him consulting her would have gotten a better option. Amenadiel bitter notes that bigots like Reiben make asinine assumptions; instead of doing actual work. Harris explains she went to her niece's Career Day once to inspire children, and that was a heartache for her; she heard about cops who took away their moms and brothers (presumably also black). Her sorrow at hearing these things is why she tries the subtle method of dismantling the racist profiling; having fought against getting set off to Palisades for the detective job. They are met by Dr. Lamotte, who runs a free clinic around the block from the crime scene. Michaela was tested by Dr. Lamott, whom notes she had a bullet wound in her left leg; she treated it, but Michaela fled in fear of her boyfriend's killer. The doctor hands the slug the girl was hit with; though she worries about the wound, as Michaela was shot near the artery. Harris instructs Lamotte to give Michaela her phone number if she ever makes contact again; at least having Harris and Amenadiel on her side in the LAPD.

Jake: Whoo! I love the first walkthrough of a crime scene. It's kind of like arriving at summer camp, except the lake is full of blood and your bunk mate is dead. I think I might be bad at metaphors.

Jake: Okay, Rosa. You know what it's time for.Rosa: I do.Both: Jake and Rosa's final impressions.Rosa: Your client's a hit man. He snuck into the apartment during a party several nights earlier, hid in the vent for three days, then emerged and murdered Adams. Jake?Jake: He then spilled bags of blood that he stole from a blood bank all over the floor and turned on the victim's vacuum cleaner to make the crime scene as messy as possible. Rosa?Rosa: The messy scene meant there'd be extra crime techs, allowing your client to sneak out in a Hazmat suit, which records show he bought online.Jake: Two weeks before the crime was committed. My only question is, who was behind all this?Perp: I was hired by a chicken farmer.Jake: Okay. Dopeness taking a late hit here, but we still got you. See you at the sentencing, peace, and we're out.

Jake: There's nothing crazy about this, sister. It's the crime scene: stove, kitchen island, blood, and of course, the body.Charles: [whispering] Hi, Rosa. I'm the body.Jake: Shh. Stay in character!Charles: Roger that.

Jake: Okay. Let's look at the scene like we're seeing it for the first time with fresh eyes. Vic was face down.Rosa: Cast-off splatter suggests upward knife slices.Jake: No signs of forced entry.Rosa: Laptop, wallet, keys were all there.Both: Doesn't connote a robbery.Jake: Wait a minute. Have we said this already? Are we just having the exact same conversation?Rosa: Yep.Jake: Cool. Moving on.

Rosa: That's weird. The police tape's already gone.Jake: Oh, yeah, Major Crimes released the scene yesterday. But I'm sure they haven't had time to clean up the evidence-Rosa: Oh, man, they emptied the place out. Nothing left in here. I can't believe this is how it ends.Jake: Yeah. Is it weird that I miss the smell?

Rosa: Did you really just promise a victim's family member we would solve a crime?Jake: Oh, come on. I was just consoling her.Rosa: No. It was a full-on promise, and it wasn't just her.[cut to Jake on the phone:]Jake: Yes, Betty. I promise I will find your friend's son's killer. Yes, you can put your husband on. I'll promise him too. Okay, well, what's his number at work, then? Do you have a pen? 041b061a72


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