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Fake Video Call for Fun and Profit: How to Use Deepfake Technology to Boost Your Business and Brand

Fake Video Call: What You Need to Know

Video calling is a convenient and popular way of communicating with others online. You can see and hear your friends, family, colleagues, or even strangers from anywhere in the world. But what if the person you are talking to is not who they claim to be? What if they are using a fake video to trick you or deceive you?

A fake video call is a type of video manipulation that uses artificial intelligence, software, or hardware to alter the appearance or sound of a person or a scene on a live video transmission. People may use fake video calls for various reasons, such as pranking, entertaining, creating, or learning. However, some people may also use fake video calls for malicious purposes, such as fraud, scams, blackmail, or disinformation.

fake video call

In this article, we will explore how fake video calls are made, what are the risks and benefits of using them, and how you can spot and avoid them.

How to Make a Fake Video Call

There are different methods and tools that can help you make a fake video call. One of the most common and easy ways is to use a virtual webcam software like ManyCam. ManyCam allows you to change the appearance of your webcam by adding filters, effects, backgrounds, or other videos. You can also use more than one webcam with different apps or stream a completely different video that appears instead of your webcam.

Here are the steps to make a fake video call using ManyCam:

  • Download and install ManyCam from

  • Open ManyCam and select Preset 1 under Presets.

  • Select the video source you want to use, such as a webcam, IP camera, YouTube video, web source URL, etc.

  • Open your video call app and select ManyCam as your webcam option.

  • Start your video call and enjoy your fake video.

You can also use other tools like FaceRig, Snap Camera, OBS Studio, or DeepFaceLab to create more realistic or advanced fake videos.

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Risks of Fake Video Calls

While fake video calls can be fun and harmless in some situations, they can also pose serious risks and dangers in others. Here are some of the potential risks of using or encountering fake video calls:

  • Fraud and scams: Some criminals may use fake video calls to impersonate someone else and trick you into giving them money or personal information. For example, they may pretend to be a friend in need, a lottery winner, a charity worker, or a government official.

  • Privacy and security breaches: Some hackers may use fake video calls to access your device or account and steal your data or identity. For example, they may send you a malicious link or attachment that installs malware on your device or asks you to log in to a phishing site.

  • Legal and ethical issues: Some people may use fake video calls to harm or harass someone else or spread false or misleading information. For example, they may create deepfake videos that show someone doing or saying something they did not do or say.

Benefits of Fake Video Calls

On the other hand, fake video calls can you know, verify their identity by asking them questions only they would know.

  • Look for signs of manipulation: During a video call, pay attention to the quality and consistency of the video and audio. If you notice any glitches, delays, distortions, mismatches, or repetitions, it could be a sign of a fake video. Also, look for any unnatural movements, expressions, gestures, or emotions that do not match the person or the situation.

  • Use security tools and settings: To protect your device and account from fake video calls, use antivirus software and update it regularly. Also, use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication for your online accounts. Moreover, adjust your privacy and security settings on your video call apps and limit who can contact you or see your profile.

What are some examples of fake video calls?

Some examples of fake video calls are:

  • Celebrity impersonations: Some people may use fake video calls to pretend to be celebrities or famous people and fool their fans or followers. For example, they may use deepfake technology to make themselves look like a movie star or a singer and chat with their admirers.

  • Romance scams: Some people may use fake video calls to lure someone into a romantic relationship and then ask them for money or favors. For example, they may use a stolen photo or video of an attractive person and create a fake profile on a dating site or app and then initiate a video call with their target.

  • Political propaganda: Some people may use fake video calls to spread false or misleading information about a political issue or candidate. For example, they may use deepfake technology to make a politician say or do something that they did not say or do and then share the video on social media or news outlets.

What are some legitimate uses of fake video calls?

Some legitimate uses of fake video calls are:

  • Pranks and entertainment: Some people may use fake video calls to have fun and make others laugh. For example, they may prank their friends or family by changing their appearance or background, or they may entertain their audience by creating funny or creative videos.

  • Creativity and innovation: Some people may use fake video calls to express their artistic or technical skills and create new or original content. For example, they may use filters, effects, or animations to enhance their video quality or style, or they may use deepfake technology to create realistic or fictional characters or scenarios.

  • Education and training: Some people may use fake video calls to learn or teach something new or useful. For example, they may use simulated videos to practice their language or communication skills, or they may use interactive videos to demonstrate a process or procedure.


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