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Gotrek And Felix Audio Book Download [UPDATED]

the mighty king varian wrynn is dead. he was a fine monarch and a good man. but before his reign, the kingdom of calenqual had fallen. now someone is planning to kill him for his wealth, and dark caern is on the rampage. are you up to the task?

gotrek and felix audio book download


as the world enters the era of the space marine legions, the dark age of technology and magic, a strange, machine-powered society unfolds before our eyes. a mysterious city of sprawling levels, vast, floating islands, and impossibly tall towers, this city has the power to alter the very fabric of the universe itself. there are those who would come to control this city, and only those with the gravitas and cunning to hold a city of such power in their grasp.

after the annihilation of the ultramarines, which saw the last of their primarch horus torn from his body and presumed dead, horus returned. but where he was killed, it was never made clear. when a black hole was left where horus once stood, the isolated planet of ultramar got an unlikely hero - a converted marine major named gotrek, who believed he was hunting a giant, demonic behemoth.

gotrek was a bogeyman of the early warhammer universe. a living weapon, the slayer would obliterate any enemy, no matter how great. he was the ultimate warrior of the war chariot, a weapon that struck so fast and so hard that its impact destroyed targets. but this is not his destiny.

despite his military background, his refusal to endure another endless, pointless slaughter has left gotrek isolated within the imperium. when his former regiment was captured by chaos forces, his deepest desire was to find his way back to the chaos gods, and the old world of slaanesh. he has nothing else to live for.


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