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Saints Row 3 Hair Mods

With the reboot right around the corner, now's the perfect time to try out the zany and ridiculous brand of Saints Row that fans adore. Starting with Saints Row: The Third is a great option in this regard, and those who want a playthrough of this game to be unique and memorable should check out the following mods.

Saints Row 3 Hair Mods

With the reboot right around the corner, there's no better time to check out the older games in the series and re-experience the sheer insanity of these games once again. In this regard, Saints Row: The Third is a brilliant game that any fan of open-world titles should check out, and the following mods will help PC players enhance their enjoyment of Saints Row: The Third even more.

Reshades are a really common mod choice for any game, being some of the easier tweaks to integrate into the game with notable results. The CRJ Saints Row The Third Remastered 'Ultimate' ReShade Preset mod is one of the better reshade mods players can download for their game.

With this mod, the least that players will be able to achieve is the option to utilize the hairstyles from Saints Row IV for Saints Row: The Third. It's a small change, but makes a world of difference for gamers who are particular about these details. The fact that the physics of these hairstyles are retained is a nice touch too.

Players can cherry-pick the mods that fit with their playstyles, which is definitely a huge bonus. Gamers don't have to deal with some mods that they might be iffy on, but they have the option to install them later if they wish.

The tastefully titled Sh**face Showcase is one of the best gameplay mod compilations for Saints Row: The Third. It might not feature too many mods, but all these modifications are a must to enjoy the full experience of the game.

The mods included in this collection are well-selected, and make for an excellent experience. Players who want their game to feel slightly more balanced and enjoyable should definitely opt for this mod.

Out of all the mods present for Saints Row: The Third, most players consider this compilation to be the cream of the crop. It features everything from graphical alterations, to gameplay modifiers that drastically improve the overall experience.

Unlike the other compilations on this list, this mod features the bare minimum number of mods required to enjoy Saints Row: The Third. It's a great collection for newcomers to try out if they want to enjoy the optimal Saints Row experience without compromising too much on the vanilla game.

Just like in past games, Saints Row has an abundance of different hairstyles to choose from. What is nice is that every single one is available for your character to equip, meaning you can sport a dope ponytail as a dude or a sick half-shaved part as a female.

This mod includes 19 different hairstyles for Saints Row 3, and most of them have been converted from Saints Row 4. The mod has been ported by MLVNRT, and is a stunning graphical enhancement to the already brilliant SR3.

This mod also makes the Bloody Canoness spawn with the Nyte Blayde, it makes some of the cyber space decker units a lot stronger, and it tweaks certain character values to make them behave friendlier. Last but not least, it also gives all the space saints STAG laser guns.

Optional super sliders greatly extend the range of character creation slidersChange character height ranging from a 3ft dwarf to a monstrous 8ft giant20 new walks taunts and compliments13 new skin colors21 new hair colors10 new makeup colors104 new eye colors

All cheats cheat adds everything to your phone with one code100+ new npc morph cheatsOptional Open mods allow you to set all pricing to $1, remove cheat flagging, instant respect, all weapons immediately for sale, and more

In practice, this means that no character customization option is gated behind gender. Hairstyles, facial hair, build - everything is on the cards for everyone. Not only that, but the news also suggests that the wilder aspects of Saints Row 3 and 4's character creators will also return, potentially making this the most creative game in the series yet.

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