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After concluding his Carpe Diem Tour in 2012, Brown's next studio album started to develop. On February 15, 2013, the singer unofficially released the song "Home", with an official videoclip, where he expresses a reflection on the bitter price of fame, and on how the only moment of respite from that thought is when he returns to the neighborhood where he grew up with people who knew him from the start.[78] On March 26, 2013, Brown announced the release of X, in various interviews and listening sessions, releasing the song "Fine China" as the album lead single.[79] In an interview with Ebony, when Brown spoke of taking his music in a different direction and changing his sound from pop-infused and sexually explicit of the previous album Fortune, to a more mature, soulful and vulnerable theme for the album.[80] On March 29, 2013, he released "Fine China" as the lead single of the album.[80]

Fame Album Download Chris 17

Digital downloads remain a source of revenue for many independent artists that sell music online. In 2021, Bandzoogle members sold over $600,000 worth of digital albums and singles direct-to-fan through their websites. 350c69d7ab


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