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Political Law Reviewer Ateneo.pdf

Political Law Reviewer Ateneo.pdf

Political law is the branch of public law that deals with the organization and operation of the government, the relations between the state and its people, and the relations among states. It covers topics such as constitutional law, administrative law, international law, human rights, and electoral law. Political law is an important subject for law students, especially those who aspire to take the bar exam in the Philippines.


One of the sources of political law review materials for law students is the Ateneo de Manila University, a prestigious private university in the Philippines that offers various degree programs, including law. The Ateneo Professional Schools Library provides online access to resources on political law books from 2015 to 2022. Some of these books are written by Ateneo law professors or alumni, such as Ed Vincent S. Albano, Isagani A. Cruz, Dante B. Gatmaytan, and Merlin M. Magallona.

Another source of political law review materials from Ateneo is the Fraternal Order of Utopia (FOU), a fraternity of Ateneo law students and alumni that aims to promote academic excellence, social awareness, and brotherhood among its members. The FOU publishes an outline reviewer in political law every year, which summarizes the main concepts and principles of political law based on the syllabus of Ateneo law professors and the latest jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of the Philippines. The outline reviewer is available for download in PDF format from various websites, such as

Political Law Reviewer Ateneo.pdf is a keyword that can help law students find relevant and reliable sources of political law review materials from Ateneo. These materials can help them prepare for their exams, research papers, or bar review. However, these materials are not intended to replace the official textbooks, lectures, or bar reviewers prescribed by the law school or the Supreme Court. Law students should always verify the accuracy and currency of the information they obtain from these materials and consult other sources if necessary.


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