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Body Painting Miami TV Anniversary With Jenny Scordamaglia Target

Body Painting Miami TV Anniversary With Jenny Scordamaglia Target

Body painting is a form of art that involves painting designs or images on the human body. Body painting can be done for various purposes, such as artistic expression, cultural tradition, fashion, entertainment, or social activism. Body painting can be temporary or permanent, depending on the type of paint used.

Body Painting Miami TV Anniversary With Jenny Scordamaglia Target

One of the most memorable events that featured body painting was the anniversary celebration of Miami TV, a popular online entertainment network that features live shows, events, music, and culture. The host and founder of Miami TV is Jenny Scordamaglia, a daring and adventurous personality who is known for her revealing outfits or going nude on camera.

How did Jenny Scordamaglia celebrate Miami TV's anniversary with body painting?

Jenny Scordamaglia celebrated Miami TV's anniversary with body painting by hosting a live show at Target Art Gallery in Wynwood, Miami. She invited several artists and models to join her in a night of fun and color. The artists painted various designs and themes on the models' bodies, such as animals, flowers, abstract patterns, and more. Jenny also participated in the body painting by getting painted herself by one of the artists.

The event was broadcasted live on Miami TV and attracted thousands of viewers from around the world. Many people praised Jenny for her courage and confidence in showing her body and promoting body positivity. Others criticized her for being too provocative and inappropriate for a family-friendly channel. Jenny responded by saying that she was not ashamed of her body and that she wanted to celebrate art and freedom.

Where can you watch the body painting show?

If you missed the live broadcast of the body painting show, you can still watch it online on [Miami TV's website] or [Facebook page]. You can also find some clips and photos of the event on [Reddit] or other social media platforms. However, be warned that some of the content may be NSFW (not safe for work) or NSFK (not safe for kids), so watch it at your own discretion.

What are some other examples of body painting?

Body painting has a long history that dates back to ancient times. Many cultures around the world have used body painting as a way of decorating their bodies for ceremonies, rituals, festivals, or warfare. Some examples of body painting traditions include henna tattoos in India, face painting in Africa, and tribal markings in Australia.

Body painting has also become a modern art form that showcases creativity and beauty. Many artists use body painting as a medium to create stunning works of art that challenge the boundaries between art and reality. Some famous body painters include Craig Tracy, Johannes Stötter, Emma Fay, and Alexa Meade.

How can you try body painting yourself?

If you are interested in trying body painting yourself, you will need some basic supplies and tools. You will need some body paint that is safe and suitable for your skin type. You can choose from different types of paint, such as water-based, oil-based, acrylic, or latex. You will also need some brushes, sponges, stencils, or airbrushes to apply the paint. You may also want to use some accessories, such as glitter, jewels, feathers, or flowers to enhance your design.

Before you start painting, you should prepare your skin by washing it with soap and water and drying it well. You should also shave any unwanted hair from the area you want to paint. You should test a small amount of paint on your skin to check for any allergic reactions or irritation. You should also wear old clothes or cover your furniture with plastic sheets to avoid staining them with paint.

When you are ready to paint, you can either follow a design that you have in mind or improvise as you go along. You can use your imagination and creativity to create any design that you like. You can also get some inspiration from online sources or books on body painting. You can paint yourself or ask someone else to help you. You can paint any part of your body that you want, but be careful not to get paint in your eyes, mouth, nose, or ears.

After you finish painting, you can admire your work and take some photos or videos to share with others. You can also join some body painting events or competitions to showcase your talent and meet other body painting enthusiasts. You can also wash off the paint with warm water and soap or use a special remover if needed. You should moisturize your skin after removing the paint to keep it healthy and smooth.


Body painting is a fascinating and fun form of art that can express your personality and creativity. You can enjoy body painting as a hobby, a profession, or a way of celebrating life. You can also appreciate body painting as an art lover, a viewer, or a supporter. Body painting can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone.


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