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This beautiful Ganapathi will bring luck and happiness to your house.This is a Handcrafted multicoloured bells, beeds wind chime will bring the calmness in its sound. This piece of handmade product is a timeless beauty. Indiafx store exhibits your love for pretty things in the most beautiful way. This beautiful piece can hang in your balcony or any window at your home, Enjoy the sense of calmness, peaceful and elegant ambiance, this will surely make you sway to the gentle and relaxing sound. This is a Pretty Addition to your Home.You can use water or dry cloth to clean the dust on it.

Hand Painted and Handmade Hanging Wind Chimes Piece

₹1,088.00 Regular Price
₹469.00Sale Price
    • Ganapathi Wind Chime, 7 Ganeshas, Wind Chimes, Home Decor
    • Positive Energy, Hanging Decorations
    • Wind Chime, Bells, Handcrafted Decorative
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