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Green Leaf Disposable Plates (9Inches Size, One Side Leaves, Pack of 10 Pieces) Handmade by Women Self Help Group's of MBNR This Product has been hand made by DWACUA Women belonging to Self Help Group's of MBNR Govt of Telangana.These Ethnic Product are being promoted to revive the rich Traditional Arts of the colourful Culture of India.

Green Leaf Disposable Plates11.5Inches Size, One Side Leaves, Pack of 10 Pieces)

₹449.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
    • PREMIUM AUTHENTIC HANDMADE NATURAL PLATE: Made through a traditional process, these plates consist of corrugated recycled paper sandwiched and heat sealed between Natural Siali Leaf stitched with Wild grass by Tribal WOmen
    • BUILT TO LAST: The unique manufacturing process allows the plate to hold lots of food without buckling or breaking despite being very light itself
    • 100% ECOFRIENDLY: These plates completely biodegrade into compost once thrown. Be confident that your party is not causing any pollution
    • VERSATILE: Can be safely used in the Oven, Microwave and the Refrigerator repeatedly
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