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Centre for Development & Social Progress (CDSP)

Suravaram Venkatrami Reddy Vignyana Kendram

Centre for Development & Social Progress and its facility Suravaram Venkatrami Reddy Vignyana Kendram was conceptualised and set up in the year 2002. In the last two decades the society has worked towards improving the lives of the people of Kanchupadu Village and the entire region in the maximum way possible, as was the effort of Suravaram Venkatrami Reddy on whose memory this was established.


Suravaram Venkatrami Reddy was a freedom fighter who dedicated his entire youth leading an armed struggle against the autocratic rule of the Nizam. Influenced by his elder brother Suravaram Pratapa Reddy who was a legendary figure in literature and socio-political activity of Hyderabad State, Suravaram Venkatrami Reddy had joined the Andhra Maha Sabha. Earlier he worked in Golconda Patrika. He formed the district branches of Andhra Mahasabha in Mahabubnagar and Raichur along with Gadiaram Ramakrishna Sharma, which raised consciousness among Telugu people. He vehemently fought untouchability. He sold his lands and bought guns for the struggles. He was the founder district secretary of Communist Party of India (CPI) which was banned by the Nizam at that point of time. Leading an underground life in Nallamala forests he raised consciousness among the people of the region and played a pivotal role in weakening the Nizam hold in this district which finally led to Integration of Hyderabad State into Indian Union in September 1948.

He was an electoral opponent to the erstwhile Wanaparthi Raja in democratic Indian Parliamentary elections in the year 1962 when he contested as an independent supported by CPI.


Later, he retired from political activity and became the District President of All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) for two decades and led numerous agitations for irrigation projects which have fructified over time. He was the founder secretary of Alampur Taluk Tobacco Growers Association which formed a society to get remunerative price for Tobacco from Vazir Sultan Tobacco Company.


In his retired days he strived to improve knowledge among the people by setting up a library at his home. He studied ayurvedic medicine and helped people by providing medicines at his own cost to people of the region who otherwise had no access to health care. He worked to get power supply and school for the village. He dedicated his life for the downtrodden and the marginalised in every way possible.


Suravaram Venkatrami Reddy Vignyana Kendram was set up in his memory with the objective of fulfilling his vision of a better life for everyone. The kendram has been built on land donated by his family and this building was constructed with the help of Members of Parliament MPLAD funds and funds by his family.

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