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n Colorful Stationary Marker Pens Dual tip marker pens are made of Non-Toxic and high-quality material. Useful for school work,Widely Used: The vibrant, transparent whiteboard pens and markers are perfect for children's graffiti on paper, writing and sketching during lectures in the school, and business meetings. Water painting will arouse children's curiosity. Use this floating whiteboard pen to paint on the ceramic spoon. This is also a fun game for family and friends gatherings.

Kids Magical Water Painting Pen Pack of 11 with 1 Ceramic Spoon

SKU: Ankit58S1
₹495.00 Regular Price
₹299.00Sale Price
    • Non-Toxic and high-quality material
    • perfect for children's graffiti on paper
    • Package Includes 11 Marker pens
    • This markers is very bright and vibrant in colours
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