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YouTube has deleted 22.5 lakh videos.

Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day all over the world. But it is known that all these videos should strictly follow the rules of YouTube. If the videos are uploaded against the rules, YouTube management will delete the videos. YouTube recently deleted such videos on a large scale.

From last October to December, YouTube deleted 90 lakh videos worldwide. It is noteworthy that 22.5 lakh videos belong to India. YouTube said it removed the videos for violating its community rules. YouTube found that 96 percent of these videos violated community guidelines. Meanwhile, YouTube said that 53.46 percent of these videos were deleted before even a single view was received.

In terms of YouTube Community Guidelines, there are spam videos, sensitive content, violent scenes, false information, deepfake videos. YouTube said in its report that videos with such content have been removed from their platform. YouTube has also deleted some channels. It said that 2 crore channels were deleted simultaneously in the last October-December.

YouTube said it has removed YouTube channels that contain misleading videos and obscene content. Meanwhile, YouTube will terminate the channel if it violates the community guidelines three times within 90 days.