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World's First "Miss AI" Contest To Judge Winner On Beauty And Social Media Clout

Everyone knows about beauty pageants like Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe. We have heard and seen contests like Mr. India from time to time.. But now a beauty contest is going to be held. Like all competitions, here also some factors like skill, talent and gestures are taken into consideration and the winners are selected. But the competition is not between humans... Now it's a beauty contest between beauty created with artificial intelligence that is attracting the world's attention.

Miss Ai.. means Miss Artificial Intelligence beauty contest is going to be held.. How do you say it? Computer generated beauties will participate in a beauty contest. There will be a talent show in front of a four-member Judzilla panel. Another interesting thing about this competition is that... There are two AI judges among the judges.

The artificial intelligence beauty who won this Miss Ai competition will also get 15 lakh prize money. My company Fun Way has come forward to organize this competition. In order to participate in this contest, AI women have to send their photos to the contest organizers. From what AI creators think about changing the world for the better... to the technical aspects of AI, AI enthusiasts will be faced with questions. Organizers say that thousands of entries are expected for this competition. The organizers say that the top ten AI photos will be selected and the winners will be announced at an online award function held at Melo. Applications are invited from April 21 and the winners will be announced on May 10, organizers said.