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Will Pushpa Team Fix These Mistakes for the Sequel? 🎬🌟

The movie Pushpa was a blockbuster hit, celebrated nationwide. But many remember the negative buzz it received on its release day. Criticisms mainly targeted the graphics and background score. With Pushpa 2 getting ready for release, has the team taken this feedback into account?

Graphics Issues

Comments flooded in about the subpar graphics in Pushpa. Scenes showing red sandalwood logs floating in water and the red sandalwood trees in the forest didn't use high-end graphics. These flaws were glaring on the big screen.

Background Score Criticism

In the first 2-3 days post-release, there were also criticisms about the background score. Key scenes like Pushparaj's warning to Mangalam Seenu, the fight with Jali Reddy, and the climactic confrontation with Shekawat followed by the wedding lacked the expected impact in terms of background music. Did the team consider this feedback?

Promotion Planning

Pushpa's promotion also showed planning flaws. Director Sukumar wasn't available for promotions until the last minute, busy with final touches. As a result, the pan-India promotion wasn't at its fullest.

For Pushpa 2, the promotion needs to be top-notch. Expectations are high, and so is the business. To meet these, the promotion must be meticulously planned. Last-minute rushes won’t work.

Changes in Pushpa 2

After the pan-India success of Pushpa, the team made significant changes to the story and screenplay of Pushpa 2. Similar changes should address the mentioned issues. Only then will the movie land perfectly.