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Why Balakrishna And Roja Starrer Vikramasimha Bhupathi Movie Got Shelved🎥✨

Vikramasimha Bhupathi is one of the big budget movies in Balakrishna's career that stopped midway before the shooting was completed. Why this folk movie started in 2001 under the direction of Kodi Ramakrishna stopped?

In Balakrishna's career, there are more than ten films that have been stopped without completion of shooting. Balakrishna dreamed of making a self-directed dance film based on Mahabharata. The shooting of this mythological movie also took place for a few days. But with the death of beauty, the dance came to an abrupt halt. No matter how much Balakrishna tried to start shooting again, he could not. Like Narthanashala, Balakrishna's another big budget movie Vikramasimha Bhupathi was also stopped after half of the shooting was completed.

Balakrishna and Kodi Ramakrishna combination...

Tollywood hero Balakrishna and director Kodi Ramakrishna became famous as a successful combo in the movies Mangammagari Manavadu, Muddlamavayya, Muvva Gopaludu and all the movies they did together became hits. The head of Bhargava Arts S Gopala Reddy has planned to screen a huge folk movie starring Balakrishna and Kodi Ramakrishna.

The movie was announced in 2001 as Vikramasimbha Bhupathi. Balakrishna posters released in Yodhu getup. These posters became the talk of the town at that time. The makers have announced that Balakrishna will be seen in a dual role as a Maharaja and a warrior. Roja and Pooja Batra were cast as heroines. Ilayaraja has been chosen as the music director and Kabir Khan as the cinematographer. It is planned to release this film in Tamil as well as Telugu. Vikramasimhabhupathi stopped after more than half of the shooting was completed.

At that time, the news was heard that Balakrishna had differences with the producer Gopala Reddy. Gopal Reddy along with his younger brother Bhargav tried to start the shooting of this movie again. But with their death, Vikramasimha Bhupathi had to pack up completely. After that, there was a news that half of the film was going to be released in OTT, but it remained a rumour.🎥✨