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What is the cause of Shanmukh's depression? Why does he want to die?

Shanmuk Jaswant..! A good YouTuber.. has a huge following on social media. His series have a few million views. It can be said that he is a small screen superstar. He faced a lot of negativity in the hit and run case some time ago. Well.. Boyhood is bound to make mistakes. But now once again he has become the headline in the news. Medical reports revealed that he was a ganja consumer. But now the video of him screaming that he is going to commit suicide and that he is in depression has gone viral.

The police went to their house to look for Shanmak alias Sampath, who is accused of cheating the young woman. In this order, a video recorded while checking the house came out. That video has now become a sensation. Shanmuk is crying loudly saying that he is depressed... he wants to commit suicide. Due to being in depression, there are suspicions that Shanmuk is addicted to ganja. Moreover, there are various allegations against Shanmuk and Sampat. Many young women are said to have cheated in the name of opportunities. If there is truth in that, they must be punished. But Shanmukh's mental health is now of main importance. If he is really depressed..counseling should be done.

Cinema field is a world of colors.. but there is also darkness here which is not visible to all. You never know when someone's life will take a turn here. We have seen incidents of many movie celebrities committing suicide. Uday Kiran, Sushant Singh Rajput Suicides will never be forgotten. Even if it looks good on the outside, a person may be crumbling inside. Shanmuk.. career graph is coming down in recent times. Some legal experts say that he should be seen as a victim. 🕵️‍♂️🎥