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What impact will stone attack on Jagan Mohan Reddy have on Andhra Pradesh politics?🗳️

In a surprising turn of events in Andhra Pradesh, during the peak election season for both Assembly and Lok Sabha, an unexpected attack occurred on Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy in Vijayawada. The details of the weapon used are still murky—with some saying it was a pellet, others an air gun, and some even a chunk of a cement block used for sidewalks. The clarity on the specifics of the attack is awaited as five suspects are currently in custody.

Following the incident, CM Y.S. Jagan took a day off on medical advice but resumed his bus tour the next day. Initially treated with a small plaster, the doctors applied a larger one the following day. In the wake of this attack, political analysts have been eagerly conducting various surveys to gauge public opinion, which suggest a mix of shock and skepticism among the people, with some labeling it a publicity stunt.

Such surveys usually provide direct insights to political parties, with leaks becoming a source of further information. Meanwhile, in United Krishna district where the incident took place, there seems to be no significant sympathy or political shift observed. Conversations in Vijayawada suggest the incident isn’t being taken too seriously, while in Rayalaseema, sympathy for Jagan seems to have increased. Elsewhere, the impact appears negligible with some places even showing a negative response.