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What happened that day? The Election Commission asked AP🔍

Ahead of the crucial Assembly and Parliament elections, the situation in AP seems to be in trouble. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited AP and attended an open public meeting held at Boppudi, a suburb of Chilakaluripet in Guntur district. However.. TDP leaders allege that due to premeditated negligence in this assembly.. difficulties arose. When the Prime Minister is speaking, the microphones are not working, and the traffic is not being regulated to prevent people coming to the assembly, so suspicions are increasing on the AP government.

In this sequence, TDP and Jana Sena leaders have submitted more than 240 complaints to the state election officials. These have been sent to the Central Election Commission by the state election officials. Taking this seriously, the officials of the Central Election Commission ordered the Chief Election Officer of AP Mukesh Kumar Meena to give an explanation. They asked the DGP to explain the behavior of the police in the meeting attended by the Prime Minister.

Two days ago, the alliance leaders together with Chief Election Officer (CEO) of AP Mukesh Kumar Meena complained about issues such as the microphone not working properly in this assembly, fighting at the mic setting control, people climbing on the lighting towers and the lack of police to control them.

Recently, the Central Election Commission has also focused on this issue. AP has asked the CEO to give a report on the security failures that took place in the Prajagalam Sabha attended by Prime Minister Modi. The EC directed the CEO to complete the investigation and submit a report soon. Both the police and the YCP leaders are also observing with interest what kind of orders will come from this. If the failure of the police is proved in this matter, there is an argument that the SP and IG of Guntur, along with the DGP, will be fired.


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