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What did the Japanese ambassador say to the Indian youth?

 recent announcement, Japanese Ambassador to India Hiroshi F Suzuki extended a hearty invitation to Indian youth, asking them to consider studying and working in Japan. Emphasizing the ease of obtaining visas and the abundant availability of skill training and job opportunities, Ambassador Suzuki's message resonated with aspirants seeking international exposure.

Speaking in a video posted by Hindi-speaking YouTuber Mayo San, Ambassador Suzuki specifically addressed the youth of India, highlighting the ease of obtaining visas, especially for students. "Please go to Japan to study and work," he said, suggesting that obtaining a visa is as straightforward as presenting a student ID.

The boost is based on relaxation of visa requirements for Indian students, a policy first announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Japan in November 2016. Under this initiative, students, graduate students and alumni of universities in India are granted easy access to visas. , streamlining the process for those seeking to pursue education or career opportunities in Japan.

Ambassador Suzuki's advocacy for Indian youth to explore opportunities in Japan extends beyond mere words. His personal experiences, including his fondness for Indian cuisine and engagement with Indian culture, underscore a genuine affinity for the country and its people. From participating in viral dance videos to enjoying local cuisine like misal pav in Pune, Ambassador Suzuki's cultural immersion reflects a deep appreciation for India's rich heritage.

As a career diplomat with extensive experience, including serving as executive secretary to former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Ambassador Suzuki's endorsement carries considerable weight. His endorsement of Japan as a destination for education and career growth will strengthen bilateral ties between India and Japan, greater people-to-people exchanges and strengthening diplomatic ties.

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