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VoiceOfSoundarya: Did You Know Who Dubbed for Her in Telugu?

Soundarya, a legendary figure in Telugu cinema, remains unforgettable to her audience. Her performances have captivated millions, not just in Telugu but also in Tamil and Kannada films, amassing a massive fan following across languages. Unfortunately, her life was tragically cut short by a helicopter crash, leaving her fans and the film industry in deep mourning.

However, a lesser-known fact about Soundarya's films is the voice behind her iconic characters. The voice that matched her performance perfectly was that of Shilpa, who is also well-known within the industry. Shilpa, married to actor Maharshi Raghava, not only lent her voice to Soundarya but also to many other actresses in the industry. Recently, Shilpa reminisced about Soundarya in an interview and even recited some of her famous dialogues, a video of which has now gone viral on social media. Shilpa's contribution to bringing characters to life with her voice has been remarkable and continues to be celebrated by fans of Soundarya.