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Viral Video Shows Men Filling Coke Bottles With Adulterated Soft Drink

Nothing to buy. I don't know what to eat. What is the real thing? What is fake? Undetectable adulterated goods are being dumped in the market. Scammers are adulterating branded company products. They are cheating in a way that does not detract from the original. Branded bottles for the name.. but it is filled with adulterated mall. Netizens are surprised to see Vain making cool drinks in an area where there are no rules... no water.. which is more unhygienic than drainage.

Yes.. Cool drinks are being filled in the midst of unhygienic environment. Netizens who have seen this video say that because it is ten rupees less, small traders will buy from them.. they are targeting such people. Current summer season is running. Cool drinks sale runs rampant. Check 10 times whether it is original or adulterated before drinking a cool drink in the scorching sun.

In a video that is going viral, some people are filling the drinks of a company's Cooldrinks bottles. Another person is putting the original labels and sealing it. Acham company is making it to look like a cool drink. While this video is doing the rounds on social media, the netizens are saying that Entra Babu is poor. Some people are commenting that just drinking cool drinks makes their back shiver. Others say that it is not in our country. Netizens are demanding action against such people who are messing with public health.