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Vijayashanti Reveals Why She Didn't Act with Balakrishna After 'Nippuravva' 🎥🔥

Veteran Tollywood actress Vijayashanti, who once ruled the industry, starred alongside all the top heroes of her time. She established herself as the number one heroine, making a mark with her glamour and acting skills. She was particularly known for her roles opposite Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna.

However, after the movie 'Nippuravva', Vijayashanti didn't act with Balakrishna again, leading to many speculations. In a recent interview, Vijayashanti clarified the reason behind this decision.

“There’s no particular reason for not acting with Balakrishna after 'Nippuravva'. At that time, I was busy with other movies,” she said.

She explained, “During that period, I started signing more lady-oriented films. Those were the kinds of scripts that came my way. My movies were performing as well as those of any leading hero. I was also earning a high remuneration. I never expected to become so busy with action movies and gain a hero-like image. This is why I couldn't work with other heroes during that time.”