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#VastuTips: Never Share These Personal Items!

Sharing is a virtue we often hear about from elders, who encourage us to share our possessions with those in need. However, according to Vastu Shastra, there are certain personal items that should never be shared or given away, even by mistake. Sharing these items can supposedly bring discord and other problems into one's life.

Watch: Never lend your watch to others, nor wear one borrowed from someone else. Watches are believed to be connected not only to time but also to the personal fortunes of their wearers. Wearing someone else's watch during their bad times could supposedly transfer their negative energy to you.

Ring: Similar to watches, rings are often associated with specific planets or astrological signs due to the gems or metals they contain. Wearing someone else's ring is believed to bring their life’s misfortunes upon yourself.

Clothes: Sharing clothes with family or friends is common, but Vastu advises against it. It's believed that one's misfortune can transfer through clothes, affecting the person who wears them next.

Shoes and Sandals: According to Vastu, Saturn resides in the human feet, hence sharing shoes or sandals is considered unlucky and can bring hardships and disputes in the household.

Pen: Often borrowed and forgotten, a pen according to Vastu is tied to one's fate. Borrowing a pen during someone's bad phase could inadvertently bring their troubles to you. Always make sure to return any borrowed pen.

These practices are based on traditional beliefs, and whether one chooses to follow them should be a personal decision informed by one's own values and understanding.