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Vande Bharat Sleeper Coaches to Offer Five-Star Hotel Amenities

India's much-acclaimed Vande Bharat Express trains, which commenced operations from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, are expanding their services across numerous regions in the country. Following this, the introduction of the Vande Bharat Sleeper train is on the horizon, featuring 16 coaches, including 11 for AC 3 tier, 4 for AC 2 tier, and the remaining for first-class AC coaches. This train can accommodate 823 passengers in total, with 611 in AC 3 tier, 188 in AC 2 tier, and 24 in first-class AC.

The Indian Railways is elevating passenger comfort in the AC 3 tier coaches of the Vande Bharat Sleeper train by offering premium amenities. Each berth will come with a pad feature, and the mattresses are designed to be more comfortable than those in the Rajdhani Express trains. Improvements have also been made to the sleeper's interior, particularly the ladders for accessing the upper and middle berths, making it easier for senior citizens. The train will feature light sensors in the coaches and automatic doors for moving between coaches, reminiscent of those found in airplanes. Moreover, the train is set to include bio-vacuum toilets, enhancing the overall hygiene and convenience for passengers.

With these upgrades, the Vande Bharat Sleeper coaches are set to redefine railway travel in India, offering amenities on par with five-star hotels, thus elevating the travel experience to new heights.