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Two trips in one day in Telangana..🚗🚗

The water war between the ruling and opposition leaders in Telangana has reached its peak stage. Congress is criticizing the Kaleswaram project by targeting BRS. Now Rose Party has launched a counter attack on Hastam Party using the same project as a weapon.

As part of this, BRS, which has called for the Chalo Medigadda program from March 1, has started efforts to inform the people about the comprehensive appearance of Kaleswaram. 150 leaders will go to Medigadda in seven buses tomorrow. A power point presentation on Kaleswaram will be given at Medigadda tomorrow evening. BRS is angry that the government is making conspiracies to show Kaleshwaram as a failed project. Besides.. it is also challenging politically..

However, in response to the criticism of Kaleswaram, the ruling Congress party has prepared for another visit as a counter to the visit to Medigadda undertaken by the BRS. Congress has called for Palamuru-Ranga Reddy tour. Joint Ranga Reddy and joint Mahabub Nagar District Congress leaders have called for a visit to the Palamuru Rangareddy project tomorrow. After touring there, press meets will also be held.

Medigadda.. Palamuru Rangareddy.. BRS.. and Congress.. Both factions took the path of projects in two ways on the same day. The words between the leaders of both the parties are burning at the same level. Tomorrow.. war of words.. is likely to go to a more extreme level.. political circles claim.. 🗣️🗣️