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Top Tracks Blasting from Tractors in Our Villages!

There’s something uniquely charming about our villages, isn’t there? The earthy scents, the pleasant atmospheres, and the warmth of the people – it all comes together to create a welcoming vibe. Among the sights and sounds of the village, tractors bustling through the roads and fields are a common sight. But, have you ever noticed the music blasting from these tractors? Let’s dive into the most popular songs you’re likely to hear echoing from the village tractors, creating a lively atmosphere as they go about their day.

First up on the tractor playlist is the hit song “Idemamma Maya Mayam” from the movie “Ayudham”, starring Rajasekhar. This movie was a big hit, and its songs became evergreen hits, especially popular in the tractors cruising through the villages. Another gem from the same movie is “Oy Raju Kannullo Nuvve”, a track that never fails to resonate with listeners.

Not to be outdone, “Nenu Gaali Gopuram… Nuvvu Prema Pavuram” from “Manasunna Maraju”, another Rajasekhar starrer, is a favorite among the tractor-driving crowd. And let’s not forget “Satya Bama... Satya Bama Sangathentamma” from the movie “Simharasi”, which also finds its way into many a tractor’s playlist.

Venkatesh’s “Raja” movie gives us the melodious “Mallelavanna Mallelavanna”, a song that’s as sweet to the ears as it is nostalgic. The list would be incomplete without mentioning “Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju” from Chiranjeevi’s “Rakshasudu” and “Neelapurigajula O Neelaveni” from Srikanth’s “Mahatma”, both of which are frequently played in the rural areas, adding to the charm and energy of the village scenery.

These songs, when played on the tractors or autos, seem to bring a fresh vibe, making the village life even more vibrant. It’s a mix of nostalgia and novelty, creating a unique atmosphere that’s hard to find anywhere else. The vibe is just different!