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Top 10 YouTube Channels by Subscribers in 2024 🌟

YouTube has become an integral part of our lives, with millions of channels and videos being uploaded every second. Some channels have amassed an enormous number of subscribers, earning millions of rupees through their content. Ever wondered which channels have the most subscribers globally? Let's dive into the top 10 YouTube channels with the highest subscribers worldwide!

  1. MrBeast: With around 269 million subscribers, MrBeast holds the number one spot. Known for his adventurous and bizarre stunts, Donaldson's channel is also the highest-earning YouTube channel of 2023, with an estimated income of ₹680 crores.

  2. T-Series: This Indian music company ranks second with 266 million subscribers. T-Series is well-known for its vast collection of Bollywood music.

  3. Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes: With approximately 176 million subscribers, Cocomelon focuses on content for young children, securing the third spot.

  4. SET India: This channel, with around 173 million subscribers, provides a variety of entertainment content and ranks fourth globally.

  5. Kids Diana Show: Focusing on children's content, Kids Diana Show has about 122 million subscribers, placing it in fifth position.

  6. Vlad and Niki: This children's channel ranks sixth with approximately 118 million subscribers.

  7. Like Nastya: With around 116 million subscribers, Like Nastya is in the seventh spot, offering engaging content for kids.

  8. PewDiePie: This popular channel has around 111 million subscribers and is known for gaming and entertainment content, placing it in eighth position.

  9. Zee Music Company: Another Indian music channel, Zee Music Company, has 107 million subscribers, securing the ninth spot.

  10. WWE: With around 102 million subscribers, the WWE channel, known for its wrestling entertainment, rounds off the top 10 list.

These channels have managed to capture the hearts of millions of viewers worldwide with their unique and engaging content.

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