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Three blockbusters in a single month .. Malayalam industry is surprising!🎥✨

Once the state of Malayalam movies was different .. Now the state of Malayalam movies is different. New directors .. the experiments they are doing .. new artists .. the spontaneity they are discovering is surprising. They are making sure that the story .. the story .. the scenes . Catching a small interesting point is creating wonders. It is for this reason that other language audiences are also showing interest in watching Malayalam translations.

This year's Malayalam films.. If we keep the success of them, the industry has delivered three blockbuster hit films in the month of February alone. The movie 'Premalu' released in Malayalam on 9th February, was made with just 3 crores. Now that movie has touched the 125 crores mark. This movie, directed by Girish, is raining money in Telugu as well. And 'Bhramayugam' which was released there on 15th February was also a huge success. The film, which was made on a budget of 27 crores, has now crossed the 85 crores mark. Directed by Rahul Sadashivan, this movie runs in the same house with only three characters. Moreover, this film was shot in black and white. It is remarkable that 70 percent of the story takes place in the rain. It should be noted that the views of this movie are increasing with rocket speed in OTT as well. Such a movie received very little reception from the theaters here. And on February 22, the movie 'Manjummel Boys' was released in Malayalam. Based on a true incident, the film is directed by Chidambaram. The story is about how the boys got trapped in a cave and got out of it. It is remarkable that this movie, which was made with just 20 crores, crossed the 200 crores mark. It is really a great thing that three films made with a very low budget are making huge collections. That's why all the other industries are looking at Malayalam movies with interest. 🎥✨


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