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This is the reason for the increase in online shopping.

Online shopping has become a craze in recent times. Going to the shopping mall and shopping is not an easy task in busy life. That's why many are resorting to online. Everything from shave pins to TVs and fridges are available online.

All the products coming with latest features are widely available online. Due to this, many are preferring online more. With the increased craze for online shopping, it has been revealed in the latest report released by Price Water House Coopers (pwc) India that more than 60 percent of the country is shopping online through apps. According to the report, more than 12 crores have done online shopping in the last few years. According to this report, many people are looking towards online shopping due to the fact that the stock available in the outside shopping mall is very less or the latest stock is not available.

The report revealed that the availability of latest and popular products in online shopping and the availability of facilities like discounts, refunds, reviews and ratings will increase the number of people doing online shopping. Recently, this online shopping has spread to the suburbs and small cities along with the major metro cities. pwc India conducted a survey of 200 people from different communities across the country and said that social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are having a major impact on the increased online shopping. The report revealed that 62 percent of people try new brands online after seeing them on social media.


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