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These precautions are mandatory in summer.. ☀️🌡️

Weather experts say that the sun is sure to burn this time. Now let's know what precautions should be taken while walking in summer.

Experts say that even when the sun is too high, white people should walk in Jamuna. It is suggested that walking during the high intensity of the sun can have a negative effect on health. Or they say that it is better to walk in the evening after the sun is low.

Doctors suggest that it is better to walk in the shade rather than where the sun is high. Especially walking in the shade of trees in parks is said to be the best option.

Under no circumstances should you wear dark colored clothes like black while walking in summer. Wear white colored dresses as much as possible. Due to this, you can take care that the intensity of the sun does not fall on the body. Clothing like black attracts heat. This increases the body temperature.

Be sure to carry water with you while going for a walk as the body may get dehydrated due to the sun. So make sure that you have a water bottle with you while going out of the house. If possible it is better to take solutions like ORS.

Sports drinks are also the best option. There are many types of sports drinks available in the market. By taking these, the body does not get dehydrated. It also reduces mineral loss in the body. 🥤💦