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The top actress shocked by saying that she has dated many people😱💔

It is known that recently AIADMK exiled leader AV Raju made outrageous allegations against Trisha. She took legal action on this.

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan also commented that he was hoping to have a rape scene with Trisha in Leo, but at least she wasn't shown. Telugu and Tamil industries supported Trisha on this. Recently, Trisha, who participated in an interview, gave an open response on dating. She herself said that she dated many people and had relationships. But he realized that none of these works out with anyone, that it is difficult to live with people who have different mindsets, and that life is not always happy. He said that at one stage he had a suspicion that the marriage was not set and that marriage was a responsibility and not because of him. Trisha said that it is very important to love oneself at this age, it is better to live for ourselves than to live for each other, then life will have meaning. Earlier there were rumors between Trisha and Daggubati Rana. Close-up photos with Dhanush leaked. Recently there were reports that she was having an affair with Simbu. Trisha got engaged to businessman Varun Manian in 2015. Otherwise the marriage is annulled.