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#TelanganaVotes: Lok Sabha Polling Surpasses Assembly Turnout!

Telangana's Lok Sabha elections on May 13th witnessed a significant voter turnout, surpassing previous Assembly elections. The enthusiasm of the voters was evident, as the statistics revealed a higher engagement compared to the 2019 Lok Sabha and the recent 2023 Assembly elections. A total of 65.67% turnout was recorded across 17 parliamentary constituencies, with Bhuvanagiri topping the list at 76.78% and Hyderabad registering the lowest at 48.48%.

This heightened polling percentage hints at crucial developments in Telangana's political landscape. From the onset of the electoral season, the three main parties have been confidently asserting that they will secure the highest number of seats. The Congress, achieving unexpected results in the Assembly elections, now predicts winning 12 to 14 seats. Meanwhile, BRS expresses confidence, anticipating an anti-incumbent wave will bring them 10 to 12 seats. The BJP also asserts an increase in their vote share, riding on the Modi wave and aiming for double-digit seats. The real impact of this increased voter turnout will be unveiled on June 4th.