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TDP leader Demands YS Vijayamma to clarify on her support🗳️

Kadapa politics is becoming interesting in AP elections. Avinasham, who has won MP twice in Kadapa, is contesting from YCP.

Sharmila, who is the chief of PCC, is entering the direct election ring for the first time. Avinash is competing above. CM Jagan announced his party's candidates for Idupulapaya centre. He started his election campaign from there. Jagan was sent to campaign from YSR Ghat after his mother Vijayamma blessed him. After that Sharmila also announced her party's candidates at YSR Ghat. Vijayamma also came with Sharmila. With this, the debate started on whose side Vijayamma will stand. For the first time, TDP, which has been targeting Jagan only till now, has cornered Vijayamma. Pulivendula TDP candidate BTech Ravi demanded to tell who will stand on the side of Vijayamma Jagan, Sharmila and Avinash. Your two children went to the grave of YS when the manifesto and list of candidates were released.. Jagan who claims to be your child... Rajasekhara Reddy's child Sharmila is contesting.. If YS has a soul, will he stand by his daughter or not..? He asked. B Tech Ravi said that people need to be told on whose side Vijayamma stands. He commented that at least the residents of Pulivendula should be informed. 🗳️


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