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TDP Candidate Kandula Naryanareddy made sensational commnets over Result

New twists are taking place in AP elections. Candidates campaigning for votes are committing emotional blackmailing. TDP chief Chandrababu recently campaigned in Markapuram of Prakasam district. The comments made by party candidate Kandula Narayana Reddy in the presence of Chandrababu are now going viral. He commented that if there is a mistake in the election, he will see his dead body in the presence of the leader. The TDP candidate made sensational comments in the presence of party chief Chandrababu Babu. Prakasam district Markapuram TDP candidate Kandula Narayana Reddy's comments on his victory are now going viral on social media. These are the last elections for him. This time the people of Markapuram asked to bless me. He commented that if there is any mistake, the people of Markapuram will have to see his dead body. At that time, Chandrababu was also shocked. But, there was no response. As part of the election campaign, Chandrababu NDA coalition is promoting that it is certain to come to power.


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