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🌟 Bengaluru court sets dates for handing over Jayalalithaa's jewellery🌟

🌍 The Civil and Sessions Court in Bengaluru has fixed the dates for handing over the gold and diamond jewelery belonging to former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the late leader Jayalalithaa to the state government.

It directed the Tamil Nadu government to come on March 6 and 7 and take away the gold and diamond ornaments. It is suggested to come with 6 trunk boxes to carry these. The court decided not to hear any other cases in those two days. The judge said that they have appointed an officer to take away the gold ornaments... The principal secretary of the Tamil Nadu home department and the IGP should coordinate with that officer. They said to come with six big trunk boxes along with necessary staff, photographers and videographers. He ordered to take measures to utilize the services of the local police for security during those days. 🕵️‍♂️📸🎥