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"Stage Collapses at PM Modi's Jabalpur Rally, 7 Injured"

Hey there! So, something big happened during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's roadshow in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, and I'm here to spill the tea. 🚑👀 PM Modi was in town to kick off his election campaign with a massive roadshow. But, things took a dramatic turn when a stage collapsed!

Imagine this: PM Modi, waving and greeting, with the crowd chanting and dancing around. Sounds like a movie scene, right? Well, as the PM's convoy passed by a welcome stage on the Rampur-Gorakhpur road, people rushed onto the stage to catch a glimpse of him. And then, BAM! The stage gave way. 😱

Seven folks got injured in this chaos. A girl and a policeman among them ended up with fractures, while three women got off with minor injuries. For a moment, it was total pandemonium, but the security heroes jumped into action and calmed the storm.

The roadshow was a sight to behold, with slogans, dances, and a sea of saffron. But remember, safety first, folks! Let's send our best wishes to the injured and hope for safer events in the future. 🙏