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Srivari Teppotsavam in Tirumala

The annual Srivari Theppotsavam celebrations are taking place in Tirumala with grandeur. They reached the third day as part of the festivities. Special programs will be held on Saturday.

During the festivities held yesterday, the sacred idols of Malayappaswamy along with the divine deities Sridevi and Bhudevi were paraded in the Pushkarini pool. In the evening, the decorated idols were taken out from the main temple to the Gunda Swami Pushkarini of four mada streets with Vedic chants. After the temple pooja, after 7 pm, the idols were floated on a colorful flower float. After that he gave darshan to the devotees.

Pradakshina around the floating Pushkarini carrying the idols and seek the blessings of the Lord. Dharmic prophecies, devotional music and chanting add to the spiritual atmosphere. On the remaining two days of the annual Teppotsava, the procession of Malayappa Swamy takes place on the sacred Tiruchi Garden Peeth on the four Mada Streets. Devotees will be blessed with darshan in the evening and will be ready for Pushkarini Yatra.

Meanwhile, the rush of devotees continues in Tirumala. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam temple is bustling with devotees waiting in two compartments for darshan of Sri Venkateswara Swamy. Devotees without tokens have to wait for 6 hours for Sarvadarshan. Last week 83,825 devotees visited Venkanna and 25,690 devotees offered talanilas. TTD officials said that the income of Srivari Hundi is Rs.4.57 crore. Meanwhile, TTD has already released the tickets for June service online.