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Social Media Influencer Youtuber Angry Rantman Passed Away🎬

'Abradeep Saha' is a YouTuber who gained fame as an angry rantman. Apart from cricket, football and other sports, he also reviews movies in his own style and has gained a good following on social media. This YouTuber, who gives positive reviews of South Industry movies in Bollywood, has been suffering from serious health problems for some time now. He was admitted to Narayana Cardiac Hospital in Bangalore due to a serious illness a few months ago. He underwent heart surgery there. Due to this, Saha was inactive on social media for months. Saha's father informed the netizens about this treatment through social media. He said that his son will come back soon. But a week ago, Saha fell seriously ill again and was put on ventilation in the intensive care unit. A news saying that Saha, who stopped responding to treatment two days ago, died last night is going viral on the net. A netizen named Raj4SSR disclosed this through social media X. It is reported that he died of multi-organ failure at the age of 27. All the netizens are expressing their grief as Saha breathed his last at a very young age. Meanwhile, Abradeep Saha has gained a huge fan base on social media with his diverse commentary style. His YouTube channel 'Angry Rantman' has over 481K subscribers and 119K followers on Instagram.🎬