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Shocking Family Discovery in Rajendranagar: Daughter Steals Money for Gaming Debts

In a startling incident from Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, parents of a young college student were left in disbelief after uncovering their daughter’s extreme steps to settle her debts. The girl, pursuing her degree, was initially gifted a laptop and a mobile phone by her parents to aid her studies. However, she diverted her focus to online gaming, a habit that spiraled into significant financial losses.

Struggling with growing debts from her online gaming, the desperate student devised a plan to steal the cash and jewelry stored in their house. When her parents were out, she executed her plan, rifling through the family safe and fleeing with a substantial sum. To cover her tracks, she meticulously ransacked her home to stage a burglary.

Upon returning, her parents were misled by the disarray and immediately reported a theft at their residence. The police initiated an investigation, scrutinizing CCTV footage and questioning neighbors, only to find that there was no evidence of an external break-in. Confronted by the police, the young woman eventually confessed to faking the burglary and stealing the money herself. In front of shocked parents and officers, she admitted her wrongdoings.

The police, along with providing her counseling, issued a stern warning about the dangers of excessive engagement in online gaming.

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