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Saudi Arabia To Participate In Miss Universe Pageant For 1st Time Ever💃

Saudi Arabia is the richest country in Islamic countries. There is no record of a single woman participating in beauty pageants from this country.

But for the first time, Saudi Arabia will compete in the Miss Universe 2024 beauty pageant, which is considered very prestigious in the field of fashion. With this, all the countries of the world are looking towards Saudi Arabia. The country is represented by model Rumi Alkahtani (27). This beauty recently revealed this through her social media account. Rumi Alkahtani also shared her glamorous photos. I am proud to participate in the Miss Universe 2024 pageant. Saudi Arabia is participating in the Miss Universe pageant for the first time,” she wrote in Arabic on her Instagram account. With this, Rumi Al-Kahtani will create history as the first young Saudi woman to participate in an international beauty pageant. Meanwhile, the 73rd Miss Universe pageant will be held on September 28 this year in Mexico.