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Russia China Alliance Reducing America's Global Influence! 🌏💪

Russia and China are teaming up to reduce America's dominance in the world. Chinese President Xi Jinping told Russian President Putin that they expect to see significant changes ahead. This means they want to put a check on the U.S. dominance. During the Ukraine war, Putin repeatedly said there's a need to change the global order, and that's what Russia and China are working on together.

Despite having a historical friendship, their shared geopolitical goal of changing America's unipolar world policy strengthens their bond. Both leaders say their partnership isn't opportunistic but aims to bring stability to the world. Regardless of what they call their alliance, the fact remains that global dynamics are changing, making the U.S. uneasy.

After becoming a superpower, the U.S. has influenced critical international events, indirectly supervising everything from weapon sales to government formations. If the U.S. didn't approve, a popular leader couldn't even secure a ministerial post in their own country. But now, the U.S. is struggling to manage its affairs, let alone control others. Not that the U.S. should be underestimated, but Russia and China are jointly trying to challenge it.

In the past, if a country was an enemy of the U.S., many other countries would also see it as an enemy. The U.S. monitored and warned nations not to make agreements with its adversaries. But now, the U.S. can't exhibit the same dominance. For example, India recently signed an agreement to manage the Chabahar port with Iran, despite U.S. sanctions and threats. Similarly, India continues to buy oil from Russia despite U.S. efforts to stop it.

The situation with the Russia-Ukraine war shows that the U.S. tried everything to stop Russia, help Ukraine win, and harm Russia, but failed to stop the war or Ukraine's destruction. The U.S. hasn't even been able to get Ukraine into NATO, which was a primary reason for the conflict. Many countries no longer care about U.S. objections and aren't bowing to its dominance. Using this opportunity, Putin and Xi Jinping are making global efforts to dethrone the U.S. from its superpower status.

Despite internal dissatisfaction during the war, Putin's re-election for the fifth time shows he's ready to tackle external challenges. His visit to China and talks about the Ukraine war indicate that Russia and China are ready to find a political solution to the conflict. Putin and Xi Jinping declared they are always ready to stop the war if they want, showing the world that the war won't stop just because the U.S. wants it to.

During his China visit, Putin received a grand welcome, making his trip a global talking point. However, to effectively challenge the U.S., Russia and China need to overcome many obstacles. China's economic growth is slowing, with an aging population and productivity issues, authoritarian governance, and the Taiwan issue as hurdles. Russia faces economic decline due to the war, sanctions from the U.S. and other countries, NATO expansion, and increasing political dissatisfaction due to Putin's long-term rule. Overcoming these challenges, it remains to be seen what position 71-year-old Putin and 70-year-old Xi Jinping will place Russia and China in the world.