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Royal Challengers Bangalore Ipl 2024 Playoff Scenarios Check Here🏏🏆

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) suffered a heavy defeat against Mumbai Indians (MI) during IPL 2024 (IPL 2024). RCB's playoff hopes are now dimmed after this humiliating defeat. The team has won only one match so far this season.

Shows how poor their performance is. Under such conditions, it has become very difficult for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team to reach the playoffs. RCB have played a total of 6 matches so far and lost 5 matches. The team's only win at home was against Punjab Kings. However, since then they have faced consecutive defeats. The team's bowling has been mediocre this season. Hence despite scoring close to 200 runs, the team lost the match one-sidedly.

Currently RCB is 9th in the points table. They still have 8 matches left. For the team to go to the playoffs, they must win these eight matches. RCB will go into the playoffs with 18 points if they win their remaining 8 matches. However, if that team wins 7 out of 8 matches, they can get maximum 16 points only. In such a situation RCB may have to rely on net run rate. After the heavy loss against Mumbai Indians, the net run rate of the team has become very bad. In such a situation, RCB should try to win all their remaining matches. Apart from this, one or two matches should be won by a huge margin. Even if we lose one or two matches in such situations... we can still move forward.🏏🏆