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RichCandidate Pemmasani Joins the Race in Guntur for TDP!

As the elections for the Assembly and Lok Sabha draw near in Andhra Pradesh, candidates are busy filing their nominations. From Guntur, representing the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Dr. Pemmasani Chandrasekhar has made headlines by declaring his assets boldly as the nominations close. Unlike many politicians who underreport their wealth, Dr. Pemmasani, who has a flourishing career in the medical education sector in the USA, disclosed assets worth a staggering ₹5,598 crores, including both movable and immovable assets, some of which are shared with family members. He also reported debts amounting to ₹1,000 crores.

Educated in India up to his MBBS, Dr. Pemmasani went to the USA for further studies and established himself in the medical field. He runs an edutech company called 'YouWorld', which prepares students for medical exams in the USA. While this is his main business, he also has other companies. Having returned to Andhra Pradesh with a desire to serve his homeland, Dr. Pemmasani has been active in extensive social programs, especially in the Palnadu area, even during his time in America. Initially hesitant to contest against Galla Jayadev in Guntur, he seized the opportunity when Galla temporarily stepped back from politics, allowing Chandrababu Naidu to choose him as the candidate.