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Raviteja Vikramarkudu 2 Update Not Rajamouli Directing This Blockbuster Sequel🎥✨

A sequel to one of Ravi Teja's blockbuster movies, Vikramarkudu, is coming. Rajamouli is not the director of this sequel. Who will direct the sequel in his place?

Vikramarkudu is one of the movies that increased Ravi Teja's market and range. SS This movie was released in 2006 under the direction of Rajamouli and became a blockbuster hit. Ravi Teja played the roles of Attilisattibabu as a thief and Vikram Rathore as a police officer with powerful acting and comedy timing. Director Rajamouli strengthened the belief among the producers that they can make big budget films with Ravi Teja with Vikramarku. Ravi Teja's place in the league of star heroes has been confirmed with this movie.

The movie Vikramarkudu, which was released with a budget of around 11 crores, created records by collecting more than 23 crores. In 2006, it became one of the Telugu movies with the highest collections. There have been rumors for a long time that there is going to be a sequel to Vikramarkudu. Ravi Teja also said that his desire is to make Vikramarku 2 under the direction of Rajamouli in the promotions of a movie in the past.

Recently, an interesting news about the sequel of Vikramarku is doing the rounds in Tollywood. Bhima producer Kekeradhamohan said that the entire story is ready for the sequel of Vikramarku. Radhamohan said that Vijayendra Prasad, who gave the story to the movie Vikramarkudu, has prepared the story of this sequel.

They said that they had registered the title Vikramarku 2 under their banner three years ago. Rajamouli is not the director of Vikramarkudu 2 movie. Radhamohan said that they have planned to do this sequel with Sampathnandi. Ravi Teja is not showing much interest to act in the sequel of Vikramarku. We are trying to convince him. We will start the sequel only if Ravi Teja agrees. I will not do this sequel if the right combination is not set.

Kekeradhamohan said that Vijayendra Prasad also wants a sequel to Vikramarku. Radhamohan said that the sequel is getting delayed as Ravi Teja and Sampath Nandi are busy with their respective films. Bhima producer's comments on Vikramarkudu sequel are going viral. 🎥✨


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