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Rahul Gandhi Clashes with Modi over Ambani & Adani Allegations

In the heart of Vemulawada, Telangana, during a recent election rally, the political atmosphere heated up with exchange of sharp words between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi criticized the Congress for not continuing their usual rhetoric against businessmen like Ambani and Adani as the elections approached. He provocatively asked, "How much has Congress received from Ambani and Adani?"

In response, Rahul Gandhi countered with a challenging question on social media, accompanied by a 46-second video. He asked if PM Modi's accusations were based on personal experience, hinting at hidden transactions between the government and the business tycoons. "Mr. Modi, are you scared? Normally, you only talk about Adani and Ambani behind closed doors, but now you speak openly. Are these the facts from your personal experience?" Gandhi challenged the Prime Minister to initiate a thorough investigation through agencies like CBI and ED without fear.

This exchange highlights the ongoing tension between the two parties, especially regarding corporate influence and corruption in politics. Rahul Gandhi equated the amounts allegedly given to the BJP by these businessmen with the funds Congress promised to distribute to the public through various schemes, posing a direct question to the audience and the nation about the transparency and integrity of PM Modi's allegations.