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Pratinidhi2: Political Drama Unravels in Action-Packed Sequel!

"Pratinidhi 2" has arrived, stirring waves and skepticism alike. This sequel, anticipated amid swirling doubts post-teaser and trailer releases, has been suggested by many as a film that could dent the current ruling party’s vote bank, especially given its timing just before the elections. Adding to the controversy, the involvement of Nara Chandrababu in promoting the movie made it look like a strategic political arrow aimed at YS Jagan.

However, the film revolves mainly around a CM murder mystery without explicitly targeting any political entity through its plot. Sporadic political satires are present, yes, and censorship 'beeps' pop up more often than not, indicating touchy content that had to be muted. Dialogues like "With power in our hands, all cases stay within the courts" and "Haven't even days passed since my father died and you started politics?" hint at jibes directed towards the ruling party. Yet, the director, Murthy, has skillfully navigated around directly offending any party, showcasing instead a pure, intense drama centered on systemic critique.

New director Murthy, supported by a team of experienced technicians, doesn't make "Pratinidhi 2" feel like a debut film. Murthy's vision of an ideal journalist, free from political color, challenges the system boldly, questioning the status quo. Although the movie can feel like a prolonged TV news debate at times, those who enjoy deep dives into political discussions will find it engaging.

The first half grips the audience with sensational news sequences back-to-back, peaking with the unfolding of a CM's murder mystery. The second half, however, turns into a more routine investigation story. Rohith’s performance as a true-to-life journalist is commendable, but the character’s impact from previous elections does not quite carry over to now.

The real highlight, however, is Sachin Khedekar, who embodies the Chief Minister, around whom the narrative primarily revolves. His portrayal overshadows even the protagonist, providing a richer canvas for political drama. The movie, rich in dialogue and filled with political nuances, presents an intricate weave of motives and actions, shaping up as more than just a murder mystery.